The Giving Tree

From the ground it sprouted
Despite the lack of the sun
Strong and yet beautiful
The victory of life it had won

Leaves occupy the branches
And soon comes fruit
This tree just keep on giving
But was only nurtured at its roots

Soon others only reap their benefits
Of coming in contact with the tree
They pick each and every fruit
And then attack the leaves

And how baron this tree looks
The beauty has now left
But soon it will heal itself up
And start to give again

To give and not be appreciated
To have tears that others will never see
For the creation of life is a beautiful thing
That so many of us want to keep

The products of the struggle
The tree will never see
For it will give to the takers
And remain the giving tree

“Sometimes in life we only care about ourselves…. We constantly take from others but do not offer a hand to help anyone else in need. If hands are never extended to help others, then more individuals will not reach their hands out to others. In order to make sure kindness continues to exist in this world, you  have to be willing to be kind yourself… Give a little bit… and in the end it will be so worth it…. ” -Monica Renata