The Fear of Being Single 2

“Many times in life you will come across a puzzle that is missing the very last piece. No matter how long and hard you search for it, you will never find that piece. However, it is up to you to realize that your efforts were in vain and to pick up the pieces and move on….. Besides, why waste time stressing about it? Sometimes when you finally find that missing piece you realize that it wasn’t even worth the effort and you did not care about the puzzle as much as you thought. ” -Monica R. Williams

So many of us hold on to toxic relationships for far too long. We believe that everything will get better if we fix one aspect of the relationship. However, we don’t know what aspect that is….

Why are we so afraid of being alone? I see so many men and women stay with someone who mistreats and does not appreciate them. I have seen many hold on to the hope that if they fix “one thing” then everything will get better….but as time moves forward the situation doesn’t improve. I mean, is it that bad to be single? 

At times, we find ourselves holding on to someone because we are afraid to be alone. But why? You were single before you met your partner. So therefore, being single is something you have experienced before. In addition, being single DOES NOT mean that you are alone!!

At the end of the day, you have to love yourself. You have to feel comfortable being surrounded by you. Take this time to get to know yourself. Sometimes we lose ourselves in another person and we forget who we really are. 

So don’t ever lose yourself in someone else. Always remember what you deserve and never settle for anything less than that. 

And remember this: People were not created to be mistreated.