The Endless Circle 1

What more can I say
What more can I do
To get the feelings I have for you to you
Find me in a sea
That is the deepest shade of blue
For the water that surrounds me
Is because of unhappiness from you
Find me in this sea
That I tried to hold in for so long
And suddenly one teardrop fell
And it was followed by thousands more
I sit surrounded by all of this emotion
The emotion that I held deep inside
I always hid it 
Because I never wanted you to see me cry
I didn’t want you to know the true unhappiness
That you brought to me each day
Instead I pretended like everything was okay
So you would feel  my hurt inside.. so you would be okay
I smile yet I am dying inside
I smile yet you can’t see
All the sadness in my eyes
That are caused by the decisions you make
Your actions which you take part in
Thinking I won’t know
But the truth always comes to the light
And that is something I think you don’t know
My smile holds me together
Even when I am falling apart
Because what makes me happy is to see you happy
But now that doesn’t seem to work
Sadness so much sadness
Has been around me all this time
Yet when I let go of you
I see sadness in your eyes
A never ending circle
And I cannot escape
As I sit in the middle of the sea
And comfort seems so far away