The Drink 1

Give me a drink dear friend
Let me drink my tears away
I can’t stand my life today
I can’t stand how people hate
Hand me a drink dear friend
Your cash is flowing
And your pockets are deep
You can always buy your bestest friend the bar’s finest drink
I demand a drink dear friend
You have the money
Get it now!
Damn, I hate being that friend, and I will stop now
You don’t need a drink
You want a drink
And I am trying to help you
Do you know what happened last time
When you consumed that substance and nightmares came true
Do you remember how you woke up
Do you remember how you felt
I will no longer assists you in your ventures, friend
You really need some help
Every weekend it is the same thing for you
You need a drink and more
It always starts off as one drink
Then you consume more and more
So you want a drink
Well hell no this time
But I will stay by your side
Because I know when the night is over
You will have the courage to drive
But remember that last time you wanted a drink
And when I decided to be your friend
I know you don’t
But I will always remember
The night you killed our friend
I know you noticed that she was gone
But you didn’t seem to care
You decided to drive that night
And you knew you could call me
Cause I am always here
Why, why, why play games
Play games with others lives
Your killing yourself and others
And then you turn your eyes
So why don’t you give me a drink dear friend
Let me wash my tears away
Because it tears me up inside to know that things would be different
If I would have been driving that day
You say you drink
And drink your worries away
and I always sit there silently and refuse to drink
I hold back because I know you
I don’t want you to die
So I come and sit by your side
So I can take your wheel and drive
But it seems that you don’t get it
I don’t think you ever will
and I will never understand how you decide to drink
Then get behind the wheel