The Cut

She came back Thursday
With tears burning inside
Waiting to be released
But instead of shedding those awful tears
She grabbed a pen so she could release
Release the feelings she had inside
Release how hurt she was
She gripped the pen tightly
And she keep writing along and along

“I wish things were this way”
“I wish he felt the same “
She even questioned herself on paper
“Perhaps the problem is me?”
On and on she continued to write
And wouldn’t let those tears fall from  her eyes
She had to be the strong one
She had to not cry

Writing and writing and writing away
She sinks into her world
Excludes herself from reality
And wishes she was no more
Yet no one will ever know the pain
The pain that resides within she
She envisions that the paper is her flesh
And her pen cuts with each word she dare not speak
And the blood that trickles down
Makes such lovely words indeed
For her feelings she keeps deep inside
For when she hurts she does not speak

She came home Thursday
with tears in her eyes
Waiting to be  released
She grabbed her trusted notebook
And began to write a piece
Each word she wrote down
cut deep….deep into her soul
For she was slowly dying inside
But the word shall never know

Oh trusted pen and paper
You are her only friend
You are the one she confides in
But when will this end?
She needs to open up to someone else
She needs a “real” friend
Because even though her pen and paper is there
It can’t be her only friend