The Bricks They Shall Throw

The Bricks They Shall Throw
By: Monica Renata

You started building your castle
Started building from the floor
Bricks are piled before your feet
Yet they keep throwing more

Surrounded by your enemies
Who disguised themselves as friends
On and On you shall keep building
Hoping one day this pain will end

Constant jokes are about you
They are calling you out your name
You want to leave this place
You are very much ashamed

But in your instance of sorrow
Your castle walls shall grow
And soon you shall stand in a fortress
Made up of what others decided to throw

Stronger than what stood before
Each brick gave a little more strength
Those words hurt you deeply
But inside you found your inner strength

Beautiful and lovely
So much stronger than you were before
Just continue to build towards your dreams daily
Despite the bricks that others may throw

“Never let what others say deter you from your dreams!! Take their negative comments and turn it into motivation for you to move forward!” -Monica Renata