The Benefits

Heart of Solid Gold
Lips that Only Utter Kindness
So rare it is to find these things
So rare it is to find someone honest
To come across someone
Who places others before themself
We come across it rarely
But when we do
we use it to our benefit
They will strive to make you happy
And you will say “they don’t mind”
They will give you their last so you can make it
And you will think they are doing “just fine”
They will never admit they are struggling
Because at the end of the day
They know that there are people worst off
Than they are today
They have a heart of gold
They have lips that utter only kindness
So rare it is to find them
So rare it is to find someone honest
But be careful how you treat these people
They are more fragile than we think
They are more than just a “BENEFIT” to you
They are also people like you and me