The Battle 1

Yeah I see you looking back at me
And you are not making a sound
You think you won
But I won’t accept defeat
I have to get through this somehow

I look at the door
and it is far away
But I have to complete this mission
I know my arms will be tired
But I have to fight
In order for me to make it

As I grind my teeth
And prepare for this struggle
I hear the crowd in my head scream “Come On”
I have to make my decision soon
So I begin to ready my arms

I grab the culprits one by one
And hold them in the air
And then I take them to their resting spot
Which is up two flights of stairs

I won!! I won!! I say to myself!
And then I look at the wounds of the war.
I have whelps  and it has grown redder with time
But then again
The battle ….I have won!!

So what if  you say I am foolish
Because I don’t think so at all
Cause who would like to make two or three trips
When they can only make one