That Moment

That moment
That one moment 
That moment that you can’t get out of  your head
That moment that plays over and over and over
That moment you wish you could forget but yet always remember
You know….that moment
We all had that moment
That moment that we relive in our heads over and over again
We analyze it completely
And then we question ourselves
“What if I did this?”
“What if I did that?”
“Was it even worth it?”
“Could I fix it?”
“Is it worth fixing?”
Yeah… that moment
That moment can consume our lives at time
But what should you do? 
Just forget it? 
Forget it ever happened? 
I mean.. maybe it isn’t as such of a big deal as you currently think
After all, you might not even care
But yet….
You are thinking about it
You constantly wonder about it
…..But you still wonder if you care
Should you care?
You don’t know…
I don’t know either…
So yet that moment lives on
In your head
consuming your thoughts
Slowing killing a little piece of you
You develop doubts
You feel as though you are the problem
And then you place yourself in a state of isolationism
Cause that moment…
That one moment…..
Consumes you….
Confuses you….
And makes you question yourself….
Forever you cannot move forward
You remain..
For you are stuck in that moment
But you need to move on