Thanks For Believing in Me

Thanks for Believing in Me
By: Monica Renata
The sun rose again
As it has rose so many times before
The birds started to chirp
Yet my eyes still wanted to close
A new day was beginning
Yet I wanted it just to end
Yet you dragged me out of bed that morning
And said there were events in life I must attend
Feeling utterly defeated
My head still looked at the floor
I did not rush to do things
Because what am I rushing for?
Clothed in my own pity
Surrounded by self-hate
And you patted me on my back
And said “It will be okay”
Going through my day
There are disappointments galore
I cry to myself
I wish this could be no more
Throughout this day
There was happiness and also pain
Put when I marched into my home
You grabbed me and said “Tomorrow is another day”
The moon begins to rise
As the sun fades to no more
I cry myself to sleep
And wonder what I am living for
And you tell me to cheer up
You say that it will be okay
And you leave me til tomorrow
Til I face another day
The days pass by so slowly
The seasons come and go
The cold chills me down to my tips
And freezes me to the soul
The heat of the sun then thaws me
And soon I realize I am growing so old
Yet one thing that remains
Is your undying faith which I still behold
The faith that my dark days will end
And I will blossom into who I was meant to be
The faith that one day my head will stand high
As high as the tallest tree
The faith that one day I will be in love
And finally be able to see
To see that I could be the person
Who I always wanted to be
The sun rose again
As it has rose many times before
The birds start to chirp
And my eyes no longer want to be closed
As the morning breeze brushes my face
I can hear those words in my heart say
“No matter how hard life is, you will be okay”
So on I continue to venture
For I know that I can conquer anything placed before my feet
And to you I give you all the glory
Thanks for believing in me
Monica Renata 
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