Thanks for Being A Great Friend

Thanks for Being A Great Friend
By: Monica Renata
Too many times I befriended
Those who didn’t deserve
Didn’t deserve my loyalty
Didn’t deserve my kind words
I gave up hope and I thought to myself
True friendship could never be
So instead of focusing on other people
I decided to focus on me
And in that era of solidarity
I started to extend
Extend my presence in other networks
That I have never been
And upon my distant travels
Which brought me to a world I never knew
I met someone special
Who showed me I was special too
Constant talking on the phone
Growing along each other in life
Separated by many miles
Yet close within our eyes
Someone who cared about me
Our conversations flowed with ease
We talked about many silly things
Including strings of cheese
I never thought I would ever have
A friend such as this
I think about the time we first met
And I still reminisce
What a blessing you are to a life
That was once dark and so cold
What happiness you bring to my eyes
When we speak of things untold
Too many times I befriended
Those who didn’t deserve
But I thank God I got this one right
I have a friend who makes my lips curve
So thanks for being there for me
For I have really found a friend
Thanks for being my Top 8 buddy
We shall be friends til the end J
Monica Renata 
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