Sunday Morning

Sunday morning
On my knees
Praying for forgiveness
Asking for clarity
Wondering, “Why me?”
Thinking I can’t do this anymore
Looking up to God
As my knees become soar

Sunday morning
Tears in my eyes
I pray for my family
I pray for my life
Hoping things get better
For I hope they do
Knowing deep down that God
He will pull me through

Sunday morning
I let my tears dry
I accept the reality of my life
As time slowly passes by
For I hope things get better
But I won’t complain
For this is the life
That for me God has laid

“I am a firm believer that if God didn’t think you could handle the situation, he never would have put you through it. Maybe some situations need to occur so that you can grow and learn new lessons in life.” –Monica Renata