Strength Personified

From tattered clothes

To holes in shoes

I have and still endured


The blood that courses through my veins

Pumps fiercely as it boils


Determination in my eyes

As tears may trickle down

I will be the best I can be

I can’t and won’t give up now


From unkempt hair

To shabby appearance

A smile remains on my face


For my heart knows that I will win

Even though today may not be my day


There is courage within my being

I can feel it when I stand or sit

I will be more than what others thought I could be

For I am an unwavering soul by bequest


From fragmented spaces

To poorly insulated rooms

That is where I was raised


Cold nights in winter felt like hell

While in the summer I prayed for rain


Forward motion and never backing down

Purpose in my heart

Above all expectations I’ll continue to rise like a phoenix

Strength personified is me

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