Stone-faced Soldier

Stone-faced Soldier
By: Monica Renata
Bullets going everywhere
Bombs are in close sight
So much devastation around
Gunpowder is drowning out the light
Death around as far as the eye can see
No sign of peace close by
There is no need to try to hide
For you can’t escape even if you close your eyes
The cries of other men
Become too much to bear
But in order to accept reality
Obtained is the stone-faced stare
Face no longer blushed with red
Breathing is as normal as can be
The mouth doesn’t form a frown
Nor does it smile or show its teeth
Void of all emotions
No joys celebrated in life
Disappointments don’t exist
A mere spectator of others lives
Life is a battlefield
So many are afraid to get hurt
Instead of wearing their heart on their sleeve
They trample their own hearts like dirt
For what is the point of exposing a thing
That at times is fragile and breaks
Emotion dies within their soul
And they develop that Stone-face
They won’t show an ounce of emotion
They won’t show exactly how they feel
For they are a stone-faced soldier
And life is their battlefield
Marching on in life
Not caring what others may feel or speak
For they live life unconnected
And sit on the bench of life while others are out on the field

“Do not let the fear of getting your feelings hurt hold you back from living! When you decide not to live your life, you will end up watching others live theirs.”  – Monica Renata