Standing Up Is the Hard Part

Standing up is the hard part
So much weight on your two feet
Moving forward into the world
Yet not knowing where that path leads
Standing up is the hard part
So many things you have to do
There are many goals to accomplish
And so many tasks to pursue
Standing up is the hard part
So keep standing and never get down
It might be painfully hard some days
But it’s better than being on the ground
TOo many times we fall face first
And are afraid to get back up
Too many times we let life knock us down
And we say we cannot and will not get up
Too many times we let opinions of others
Hold us down more and more
Too many times we didn’t rise up
Because it was just easy staying down on the floor
Standing up is the hard part
But it is better than defeat
Don’t let life get you down
Be all that you can be
And the times that you feel weary
And believe that you have no more strength
Remember that although your other option may be easy
The consequence is that in life you will never transcend
“If you are always afraid to get up after a fall, then you will never be able to progress in life. Standing up may be the hard part, but it also yields the most rewards. Continue to move forward in life and never let situations keep you down” –Monica Renata