I tell myself you don’t qualify
Because you don’t have everything on my list
I say that you are kind
But you don’t have that or this
I tell you that you’re a great person
That is something we can’t deny
I say that I have standards
And that is why you can’t be my man
 we all have them
But some are a little too high
We walk pass the nicest people
And say they don’t qualify
We have in our head this imaginary list
And point out what others lack
Yet if someone did the same to us
We would want to break their neck
Nice body 
Nice personality 
And a nice bright smile…..
Those are things I love the most
They are things that make me smile
Goal oriented
Compatible with me
I notice that we get along
And I have to speak with you before I go to sleep
As the list goes on 
I notice that the check marks disappear
You are missing what I say I want
Yet I still hold you in my heart dear
So should I follow my standards
And get someone who meets my list so true
Or should I be happy
With someone like you
You don’t qualify
But how could you ever cross the fence
If my standards are too high