Speak Life Into Me

That is all I need you to do
I need you to speak
I need you to let me get wrapped in your words
Let your words comfort my spirit
Let me become entangled in the mixture of letters and pauses 
These letters and pauses which composes everything that you SPEAK of

Speak life into me!!!
Comfort me 
Motivate me
Inspire me
Make me feel!

The power of words
Words can make you feel so many things
Feelings of happiness
Feelings of sadness 
Feelings of doubt
Oh so many feelings

Cover me with a blanket of your words
Kiss me softly with the kindest hello
And tuck me in with your bittersweet goodbyes

I want you to be inspired
I want you to believe in yourself
I want you to never be afraid to speak
For your words might give life to those who believe they are dead
Because some of the best things are often left unsaid