Something Real 1

I just want something real
Something that is so unique
A love like no other
A love that I can feel in my knees

I just want something real
I want each kiss to feel brand new
I want love to overflow daily
And I’m hoping you feel the same way too

I don’t just want a partner
But I also want a friend
Who we may have disagreements
But together we remain

I want someone who values me
And never make tears fall from my eyes
I want someone to build a family with
Or conjoin our families like one big melting pot

I just want something real
Something that ends up with an “I do”
I want the love and companionship
I want someone I can trust too

I want someone that I can cater too
And someone who also caters me
I want someone to cook breakfast for
And massage their aching feet

I want someone who makes me smile
Just as much as I make them do
I want someone who I can build with
And can survive a struggle if we have to

I just want something real
This is very true
But sometimes you have to wait
And let that something come to you

“The perfect person for you is out there…sometimes it just takes time for life to reveal who that person is…” –Monica Renata