Someone to Someone


You are someone to someone

You just may not be the someone you may wish


For there is always someone to love

And someone to receive your first kiss


Someone to cheer you on in life

Someone to pray for you


Someone who faces unquestionable wrath

Just become someone wanted others to have a bad day too


Love, jealousy, hate, and more

Each person holds emotions which can affect


We are all someone to someone

This we should never forget


So, treat others as you would want someone

To treat someone like you


Be careful of the words you say

And the actions that you do


Differences may separate us

Yet we are all one in the same


We are all someone to someone

So, try not to extinguish someone’s flame


“Bestow on others the same treatment that you would like others to bestow on you. We are all someone to someone…” -Monica Renata


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