Simplicity 1


Yet sweet

Yet simple

Just like a human in youth

So naive to the outside world

Believing all lies to be truths

For in a world so simple

Sadness seems to be foregone

It can all be so simple

So why do we make it hard?


Innocence in youth

Fades each day we age

A youthful purity robbed

By an person whose inner-child is dead

Imagination turns into speculation

We no longer look at life the same

But there is simplicity in living

But not many of us can not see

For we are blinded by negativity

We are held down by what we believe we CAN’T be


Life is so very simple

But we make it so very hard

We rarely count our blessings

We doubt what we were made for

We go from believing we can be anything

To believing we can be nothing at all

In youth we have unwavering confidence

We believe we can rise after each fall

Simplicity is where  magic happens

Simplicity is where you can finally see


That anything is possible

And you can always rise after defeat



“Never let  your childlike imagination die. Always believe in yourself and be optimistic. Life is as hard as YOU want it to be.” -Monica Renata