Sitting in complete silence
Overwhelmed by thoughts
To have so many questions to ask
Yet feel completely lost

For who is there to speak to
When troubles comes my way
I sit in complete silence
And I wait and I wait

But in those little minutes
Which turned to hours then to days
I realize that this deafening silence
might be my only friend

And it is screaming at me

Leave this empty room filled with thoughts
Go out and make some new friends
Now is the time to start

For Silence isn’t for you my child
It causes too much pain indeed
Silence is the beginning of the end
And it is now your turn to leave

Many times when we experience a loss, whether in death or friendship, we begin to seclude ourselves from the world around us. But that isn’t always the healthiest thing to do.

 Sometimes it’s better to just give up on someone than to wait and see if things will work out. Because at the end of the day, you  never really know how it will turn out and you might end up getting your feelings hurt worst than they already are. -Monica Renata