Seasons Change 2

In the spring time I sat and waited

As flowers bloomed from the magnolia trees

Putting off my next moves

For I thought I knew what the season would bring

The wind blew through my hair

And droplets of rain caressed my cheeks

Yet the only thing that change one bit

Was springtime took its leave

In the summer I sat indoors

As I watched the flowers you gave me bloom

Still wanting to do big things

Hesitantly putting off my next move

Thoughts clouded my ever moving mind

Tears slowly raced down my cheeks

Because before I know it Fall will be here

And nothing will have changed

Seasons come and Seasons go

Flowers die and bloom

I cannot control the seasons

But I can change the influence of you

Cleanse my world of stagnation

And it is not because I do not care

I just can’t wait another season

To know if your love is there

​”The loneliest feeling is waiting on a love that isn’t sure….” – Monica Renata