By: Monica Renata
Beautifully created
Carved from the sand with blood, tears, and sweat
Takes a while to finish creating
Takes so much to stay intact
Molded by not only the hands of one
But by the hands of many
Each day helps create the masterpiece
Its work status is unending
Yet beautiful indeed
The core includes the heart
That stays true to what it knows and loves
That beats despite all of its past hurt
Molded into perfection
Perfection that not many will see
But despite all that you encounter
Please don’t change who you are or who you want to be
Don’t let others change who you are
Don’t let situations take away your hope
Don’t allow ungrateful people to rob all of the giving in your heart
Don’t let words get you down
Don’t stray from the path of who you want to be
Don’t let someone tell you that you are not good enough when you are being all you can be
Blood, tears, and sweats
Carved a beautiful masterpiece
Disappointments helped mold you
And so did past defeats
Rise up and realize your value
You are worth more than you may think
For those made of sand who remain intact
Are indeed a masterpiece
“We mold ourselves by our personal experience and what goes on around us. Do not allow others to break you. Remain true to the person you really are……. “ –Monica Renata

Monica Renata 
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