Return to Love 2

When the sun comes up in the morning
When the first bird flies in the sky
Their thoughts are consumed with YOU
And they are praying that you are alright

When noon finally approaches
When others are consumed with the hectic tasks of life
Their heart is beating for YOU
You mean more to them than life

From dusk to dawn and dawn to dusk
You are always on their mind
Yet you don’t want to see this
And they wonder why

A love so great and strong
You have been blessed to see
But why turn away that love
For someone who is a big MAYBE

When the moon rises in the midnight sky
And you disappointed them once again
They still hold on to hope
For their love for you never ends

A connection made in the heavens
Yet so much has drifted you two apart
But maybe it’s time to return to love
Maybe you should have a change of heart

Love what loves you always
For that love shall never die
Return to your overlooked blessing
Live your life with them by your side

Make a future together
Finally say I DO
For maybe it is time to return to the love
That genuinely cares for you

“Do not overlook the person who will love you FOREVER for the person who loves you at this very moment…….” – Monica Renata