In the midst of fog before us
Before the clouds let go pouring rain
I thought I saw your shadow
And I reached for your hand once again

In the darkness of my night
On the back of my closing lids
I thought I saw your smile again
And you told me to be still

Through the joys and tears of happiness
Through the tears and cries of doom
I wish you were still here
Sitting with me in this room

It’s not the same as it used to be
I can’t seem to smile the same
So many things remind me of you
That I think I’m going insane

In the ray of light that shines below
And touches me on my cheek
I can feel your warmth around me
I can hear you say that joy still resides in me

In the chaos of my lonely days
In the silence that won’t go away
I can still hear you whisper in my ear
And tell me everything will be okay

Through sadness there is so much pain
But in pain there are always breakthroughs
And breakthroughs help you grow through life
They help to mold you

So in your world of pain and happiness
Don’t forget to see
That good comes around so often in life
And just like it may come, it may leave

Cherish every relationship
Cherish every thought
For memories live on forever
They are never truly lost

“Cherish all interactions with others. For those memories will help you get through the toughest days. Remember the good memories, and those memories will help you remember that despite all the negativity that surrounds you, there is truly good in the world..” –Monica Renata