I’m tired of being tired

Yet tired of being awake

The birds sing so peacefully

They sing so loud that I’m awake

The sun creeps over so cleverly

And shines brightly in my eye

Oh I am so tired today

Oh my, oh my, oh my


I’m thinking thoughts of slumbering

Yet my eyes say I’m wide awake

Many people are talking

They seem to talk all day

The world spins each second

Yet I feel like I walked around the earth

Oh how I wish I could lay there peaceful

Oh how I wish I had that luck


I’m living on fumes of exhaustion right now

Yet my heart continues to beat

My days run into each other

I am stumbling on my two feet

My happiness seems to be gone

For I do not know where it is at

I think I need to sit down for a moment

I think I need to RELAX