Reality TV

I can see the camera
It is right there in my face
Paying attention to my every movement
Always recording what I say
I’m here for your entertainment
For you to love or for you to hate
I am a walking spectical
And you tune in every week
some say I am self absorbed 
Others say I am weak
But I just like to share my world
I want everyone to see
See how I live each day and night
See how my relationships unfold
See my attitude towards humanity
See how I am a staple in your household
You know my name
You know my face
My story and my family
And I make you believe  my reality means more
than other minor things
What’s going on in the world around you? 
What’s Korea’s leader name? 
When was the last time a soldier died? 
When was the last time one was praised? 
What’s going on in your community? 
What is your mayor’s name? 
It’s amazing how you don’t know these things
Yet you know everything about me!
What’s my date of birth? 
Who was the last person I tried to date? 
Why am I jealous of my cousin? 
Why did I slap her in her face?
You are addicted t my lifestyle
But yet you can’t see…
I am a reality…but not your reality
I AM Reality TV