Rally On

I scream
But they can’t hear me
There seems to be a silence about my voice

I yell
But I am unheard
It seems that I don’t have a voice

You scream
And it is the same thing
Silence is the only sound

You yell
But still nothing
Yet they can hear a pen tap the ground

We scream
And it turns a head
They wonder what commotion is going on

We yell
And they think we are crazy
They question, “What are they yelling for!?”

But in our screams and yelling
They still don’t hear a sound
Until our friends and family join us
Now we can be heard because we’re loud

I scream, you scream, we scream
We then produce a roar
And the roar frightens people
But holds their attention more

I yell, you yell, we yell
We can now be heard clear as day
There is strength in numbers and they will look
But will they listen to what we say

But rally on my friends
One day we shall be heard
Today we scream and they hear silence
But soon they will hear words

“A person may not be heard if they are alone. However, if their voice is joined with others, change can happen.” -Monica Renata