Puppeteer’s Demise

​Ball of lava thrown at your feet

You watch the floor before you burn


Venom spews from your mouth

You poison your fictional lover with words


You see the devastation you have caused

And you simply walk away


For what is the point in arguing

If you know you will be granted another day


Hail stones plummet and hit the flesh

You stop your lover with your strength


For physical abuse is miniscule to you

For your greatest feat is you have their mind on a noose


They love you but they hate you

They want to get away


Yet you manipulate their love for you

And feel victorious when they stay


But what do you get out of watching a soul

Perish before your eyes


What do you gain in life by telling someone you love them

When your actions prove that you lied


Ball of lava thrown at your feet

You watch as you put someone through hell


Destroying a life that was made to thrive

And still you do not care


But someday you will be haunted by your ways

And that time may be sooner than you think


For when you destroy other people daily

You also destroy yourself each day

“The way in which we treat people is a direct reflection of how we see ourselves. To expel such hatred will only give you temporary satisfaction while weakening your spirit.

Weak spirits never thrive and are haunted by their bad deeds. Be better to others, and in turn you will be better to yourself.” – Monica Renata