Promises: Are they really made to be broken?

Promises…..How many of us have heard the statement that “Promises are made to be broken.”
I promise I won’t lie to you
I promise I won’t tell your secrets
I promise I would never hurt you
I promise
So many promises given, yet how many are actually fulfilled? I once believed that all promises would be kept. In my naïve mind, I actually believed that others knew the true value of keeping a promise. I thought that if I could do it, so could they. I let others promise me things and when they messed up I said to myself, “Oh this promise will become fulfilled in time”………and you know what…. They never did.

I was lied to
My secrets were told
I was hurt…

Promises broken and yet they cannot be repaired. Hurt felt deep down in your soul and a silent cry is released but only you can stand amidst your own agony. I trusted too many. I believed that too many would come through. They let me down. And by them letting me down, I felt like I let myself down for believing them.
Promises mean nothing…. Or so I thought…….

One day I made a promise to myself. I promised myself that I wouldn’t let others get me down. I promised myself that despite the hurt that others have placed on me, I will not let that emit to my friends and family. I promised that no matter how hard my life is I will never try to make anyone feel worthless. I keep my promises. I hold on to my words. If I say that I am going to do something, I will do it. It may be in two hours, a day, or even a year but when I make a promise I will fulfill it in the end.

The true value of a promise cannot be seen unless you keep promises with yourself. If you cannot even keep a promise that you make with yourself that entails that they are entirely worthless to you. Promises involve trust…And if you can’t trust yourself. Who else do you actually have?  

A promise is a statement telling someone that you will definitely do something or that something will definitely happen in the future.

I promise myself many things.
I promise to be better each day.
I promise to live a positive life.
I promise to try to make my mark on this world.

Promises…They are very special and involve a lot of trust. From what actually goes on around us, we may indeed think that promises are made to be broken. In life, we encounter a disappointments that results from promises that were not kept. We get hurt, and then we become bitter. We lose trust in mankind. We think that all people are bad…and the value of a promise becomes utterly worthless…. But in reality, a promise being broken shows that the other person lacks the ability to truly trust themselves. To make a promise, and then turn against it…..when one does this they are turning on themselves as well. Don’t get angry.

Hope that the person find themselves.
Hope that they truly begin to trust themselves.
Be happy that you aren’t them……

Just know the true value of promises, and don’t let others ignorance get you do. Promises aren’t made to be broken. For if you break a promise, you break the trust you have with yourself.
-Monica Renata