I just want things to be perfect
I want my dreams to be the blueprint to my reality
I want everything to fit just like the 1000th piece fits on a puzzle
Perfectly in its place
Completing the puzzle
Beautifully perfect

I want one plus one to equal two happy people
Perfectly complimenting each other
I don’t want to see any hurt or pain
The only tears I want to see are those of joy
I want my world to be filled with happiness and bliss
Your world… My world…..
I want it to be perfect

I want everything to be how I envisioned them in my dreams
I want it all
I want all things to just be perfect

Each day you wake up
And you do what you can to make this all come true
You work hard
You sacrifice everything
Your social life, experiences, and many other things
Because you want to prepare yourself for the world
You are planning out ever single detail of your life
Because you want it to be PERFECT
Exactly how you want it
Exactly how it SHOULD be in your mind

Whether it is an enhanced vision of what you had
Or something that you yearned for because you never had it before
You want it
You want it with your heart and soul
You want it with every last breathe
You want it so much that it brings tears to you eyes
You give up your own happiness sometimes because each unbearable day that you experience
You know that one day… Your future will be perfect….
You want it to be perfect…….. This is at least something you feel as though you deserve……

And then………reality crashes down on you and makes you realize that perfection doesn’t exist
All that you wanted is there in the world but it is kinda messed up
It isn’t exactly what you want but you still want it
It isn’t exactly how you would want it to be packaged but you still yearn for it
And then all of these feelings get mixed up and you wonder if you could ever find Perfection
And then your quest for perfection makes you wonder if giving up something that makes you happy…
Really really happy…. is worth it
I mean, could you even find something better?
Was it meant for you to find “perfection”?

We all want things to be perfect
We all have our own perfectly perfect dreams
But sometimes we run away from things…
Because they are not exactly “perfect” to us
We let perfectly flawed people walk into our lives
And we get upset because they are a little off….
They are off from the blueprint that you dreamt up
But other than that they are perfect
But we still want that “perfect” blueprint to come into existence
We can’t give up on what we worked years and months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and every painstaking second for …….

Our foolish pride won’t deter us for our quest for perfection
We have to have it
We feel like we deserve it
We yearn for it
But at the end of the day……. Does perfection really exist?