Paper People

If people were like paper

And were made from great big trees
How much would you appreciate them?
How much would their value really mean? 
Would you tattoo their flesh with hearts? 
Would you write lovely words on them? 
Or would you crumble them up and throw them away
Hoping to never see them again? 
If people were like paper
Would you finally be able to see
See how your words affect them?
See the hurt underneath? 
How broken you made them feel? 
How crumbled they are inside? 
If people were like paper
A straight one would be hard to find
For life throws everyone curve balls
And life isn’t always sweet
We are constantly straightened out as best as can be
After we overcome a defeat
But the wrinkles in that paper
Will always be there
The stains of the past can’t be washed away
Yet they can’t be seen by a simple stare
People guard their feelings
With the expressions on their face
No one truly knows the person inside
No one knows what they been through to date
If people were like paper
It would be so neat
Because we could all see that we aren’t perfect
Yet we all are still very unique
We could understand that everyone’s been hurt
We could see that many have overcame
And the wrinkliest of paper people
Had a lot to overcome