Painting Forever 1

Painting Forever

Forever was painted on the wall
It represented us two
It represented the obstacles we overcame
And the ones we were destined to

Forever was there with seven letters
That we held in our heart so deep
It represented a lifetime
That contained you and me

But today I want to paint something new
I want the wall to finally reflect
How I truly feel about you
For this new painting will leave an impact

Forget the F in forever
For I need no part in that
I want to FORGET all the bad memories
I FEEL that with us there is no next

Remove the R in forever
I need to REEVALUATE my life
But I will keep that O for OPTIMISM
So I can move forward with my life

Expunge the E in forever
Erase all my feelings and thoughts
For if you truly valued them
This removal process wouldn’t have had a start

Forever this was started
Removed the F, the R, the E
And now it spells OVER
And that describes you and me

Our painting of forever
It was so unique
But just with a few strokes of a brush
It can be over in a blink

“Life has a way of changing at the blink of an eye. Appreciate what you have because forever never truly lasts…” –Monica Renata