No More

And at that very moment
I felt completely out of breath
My heart was racing fiercely
And my shirt was drenched with sweat
I had a thirst that was so profound
Yet not even a drop of water to drink
A raging inferno burned inside
My flesh grew redder
And then balance left my feet

In my mind I can feel myself twirling
In an endless funnel cloud
My eyes are red and burning
My teeth firmly biting down
I have so much to say
Yet I cannot even speak
I’m bursting from the insides
With anger from your deceit

Your words have really touched me
And this time they touched me to my soul
I’m quivering in the corner….
I can’t do this any more……
I want to stay and talk things out
But my emotions are taking over me
I have to walk away from this
I have to start taking care of me

Tears are building up
Water sprouts that I refuse to turn on
I can’t let this get the best of me
I have to just move on

Burning with so much emotion
Like a fire of the utmost degree
The unbreakable has finally broken

I let this get the best of me…

The fake smile is there no more
I’m halfway out the door
And inside my head I keep telling myself
I just can’t do this anymore