No Exceptions

Nature provides exceptions
For every single rule
And alas I fell for it completely
And I got lost in you

The things I said I wanted
Didn’t matter if they weren’t with you
I was lost in my own stupidity
I was acting like a fool

I said I would never make exceptions
But then I couldn’t see
How I could make everything work
If I really wasn’t happy

So I threw out the idea of what I wanted
And I said I would never look back
I said at least I’m happy
So what if they may lack

But as time goes on
There are some things that you will see
The other will constantly wonder
“Why are they talking to me?”
And they will confront you
With what you said you wanted before
And you won’t be able to answer
Because in your heart you want them more

More than those petty things you wanted
More than what you ever said you need
But even if you voice this to them
You  know they won’t believe

So therefore make no exceptions
Stick to what you say you want
Because sometimes liking someone for themselves
Really isn’t enough

People want to feel secure
They want to know that to others they can’t compare
So next time just stick with what you want
Or what you get will vanish in thin air