NightTime Dilemma


As I lay beside you in bed one night

I felt my body become a corpse

For the love, inside of me has been drained

And my joy replaced with remorse

But inside my heart was a feeling which I felt within me deep

I loved you more than ever

But sadly, you did not love me


As I lay beside you in bed that night

I felt your arms grab me tight

You pulled me closer each time

And I knew this wasn’t right

Because in your sleep you loved me

Like I remember you used to

But in the morning when you wake, I’ll once again be nothing to you


As I lay beside you in bed last night

I pondered my next move

Should I be half loved or wait until a full love blooms

Drenched in the cologne of your chest

A fragrance I will miss if I shall never experience it again

I analyzed everything in the room

Because that day seems to be my last


So, this morning I’ll disappear

Until you know what you want

There is no need to fake love

For I understand that I cannot change your heart

So, until then I bid adieu and fade

Until you call upon me

My solution to the dilemma encountered while you were sleep


“Partial love is at times worse than hate. It is better to be fully loved than loved partially. “ – Monica Renata

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