My Heart Beats

My heart
My heart beats for you
Poudning with roaring intensity
Almost to the point where I have to try to catch my breath
Because my heart
Is beating
For you

My lungs don’t know what to do
I breathe in and out
Out and in
And still I can’t
I can’t catch my breathe

Overwhelmed by these emotions
I care but I say I don’t
I want you to leave but also stay
I am lost
Lost in you

Circulating these different feelings that I have
Making my body move
Giving me life
I want you to go out there and be better than I ever was
I may not know you but I want you to know that I care
Even if you think no one else does
I want you to stay with me in my thoughts but move forward in this world
I want you to conquer your dreams
I want you to pursue happiness

For my heart
It beats for you
And I really wish you the best