My Color Friend

I’m surprised that you had student loans

After all

You are black

And things were made for people like you

To help with what you think you lack


You see opportunity was given

Kind of just thrown at you unlike me

They give you jobs you don’t qualify for

Just because you don’t look like me


I’m surprised that his father is still in his life

After all

Don’t all of your father’s leave

They make babies everywhere

But never provide for their seed


You know that’s why marriage matters

That is why so many of your young are in jail

Family means a lot to my race

And in that area you all fail


I’m surprised that you speak so well

I’m surprised that you are so tame

I’m surprised that your education background

Because it is so extensive

I’m surprised that you have a “regular” name


You know sometimes ya’ll are different

But you act just like me

I’m going to call you my black white friend

Because you are white to me


Black White Friend

“Sometimes we tend to forget that people are people just like us. Friendships should be based on common characteristics and likes. Characteristics are not race specific, but when we make them so, we tend to make our friends uncomfortable. So be mindful…” -Monica Renata 

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