Mr. Care Too Much 2

Mr. Care Too Much
By: Monica Renata 
In the midst of sunny days
Yet drowning in constant rainfall
Lives the man who lives each and every day
Afraid that he will fall
Fall into a deep spell
That he can never seem to let go
He is afraid to fall in love
Because of the truths society holds
To care too much is crushing
And heart shattering to say the least
For if you care too much for someone
You might no longer be able to see
Blinded by this stain called loved
Judgment distorted every day
He cared so much for others deeply
That he wishes his heart to go away
But to deprive the world of something great
Of something so hard to find
Would be like robbing the world’s strongest man
Of his beautiful hazel eyes
For the heart not only beats for you
It also beats for me
And the heart radiates happiness
In all that we may see
They call him Mr. Care Too Much
He has a great big heart
He is loving and also kind
He is also giving and smart
Yet the one thing that I love so much
He can’t really see
He has the most beautiful gift
That I wish resided in me
A heart so full of hope and splendor
Beautiful as the sun’s rays
He has a heart that showers so many with love
And that I shall envy for all days

“Sometimes the greatest hearts go through the most pain………..but those hearts also bring the most joy too. Never wish away a loving heart, for one day when you finally need it, it will be no more………” –Monica Renata 

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