Money, Money, Money

Money, Money, Money
It can buy you many things
It can buy you flashy cars
It can buy you diamond rings
It can put food on the table
And also gas in your ride
Money, Money, Money
We need that in our lives
Whether it is paper or shiny copper coins
We want more and we need more now!
For money we can’t avoid
It is essential to our existence
Or so we think somehow
Money, Money, Money
We need it for everything
We want it all
We need it all
We have to have it today
Those clothes you wear today
That burger and those fries
The toothpaste used to brush your teeth
Each had a dollar value
Each cost cash to see
The house you live in
Your medical care
The coffin when you die
Money, Money, Money
It seems like it buys everything you need in your life
But then when you get at home 
You finally sit around and think…
And that’s when it finally hits you
You really haven’t bought a thing
Oh what joy it is to be surrounded
By so many materialistic things
I thought money bought me happiness
But money didn’t buy me a thing

The best things in life have no value. Appreciate each moment and love with all your heart! -Monica Renata