Love While Blind

In the midst of all I wanted

In the midst of all I thought I need

I looked at you for guidance

I looked for your qualities that complimented me


I looked at your sense of style that I loved

I looked at the wave in your hair

I looked at those big beautiful eyes

Oh how I loved when you stared


And from the initial look I took

I decided to dive in

Into pieces of you that I didn’t know

That I knew my eyes wouldn’t tell


I found out about your ambitions in life

I found out about what you had

I found out about your occupation

I found out about your mom and your dad


I thought that you were perfect

I thought that you could be for me

But one day you lost all of that

Then my love for you I thought I couldn’t see


Stripped away were the essentials

Stripped away was what I loved

Your thrill for life gone in a heartbeat

While you lay in a cold hospital room


It took you and I months and months to recover

Each day seems to span one life

At times I wondered if I truly loved you

At times I wondered if my emotions were wrong or right


Progress made daily

You recover slowly as I sat by your side

For while you were deprived of some functions

I realize the essence of you still resides


You are left with your mind

That always kept me on my feet


You are left with your heart

Which you decided to give to me


You are left with your spirit

That flies through life so freely


You are left with your kindness

Which you showed to all the people that we meet


You are left with your generosity

And you still tell me I’m your greatest friend


You return to the man I knew

You still continue to love me

You still have those big beautiful eyes

You still possess those qualities I could not see


I was in love with the one I could see physically

Oh how ashamed am I

I am embarrassed by my ways

And I realized this when you finally opened your eyes


If everything was taken

And we had nothing left

You’d be left with your mind, heart, spirit, & kindness.
And I think those are the things I like about you best


Months of praying for you

Months of seeing what I couldn’t see with my eyes

Today I love you more than ever

Because I can finally see love while being blind



“Learn to love others by not what you see, but by what is in their hearts. Look at qualities which cannot go away. Look for the aspects of one that cannot be taken away….” –Monica Renata