Love Me Through The Storm

Love me till the sky turns gray

And tears fall from the sky

Love me till the thunder roars

And tells us danger is near by

Love me till the lightning strikes

And in fear I cover my eyes

Love me till the storm approaches

And it is only you and I


And in that moment kiss me

Breathe life back into my veins

Reassure me of our purpose

Hold me so tightly in the rain

Never let go of me

Forever hold me by your side

Show me that our love can endure the darkest days

Fight for our love to survive


For it is easy to love when the flowers bloom

And when the birds and the bees sing

It is so simple to love a beautiful life

When you are surrounded by beautiful days

But if you can love me through the storm as well

Through the raging winds and the pounding rain

I know that our love was meant to be

For you and I will forever remain


“It is hard to love on the worst of days, but if it is true love it will endure.” –Monica Renata