Live Life

Holding on to hurtful words

Never letting go

Refusing to see the beauty around you

Allowing your heart to grow cold


Doubting all of your future blessings

Refusing to just forgive

Living a life carrying so much burden

Probably driving yourself insane


Twenty-four hours in a day wasted

You are even angry in your sleep

Now are you really living?

Is this how you want your life to be?


Let go of all those negatives in life

Let go of all that hurt

See the beauty in everything around you

Unthaw your heart which was once cold


Be hopeful that your blessings are coming

Forgive and just move on

Carry only joy on your should

And most importantly don’t forget to live


There are twenty-four hours in your day

Go to bed with happy thoughts

Then you will start living

Then your life will be better than you ever thought


For life doesn’t go on forever

It may sometimes be shorter than we eventually though

So live each moment to your fullest

And stop dwelling on negative thoughts


“Don’t become so consumed with the negatives in your life that you forget to live…” -Monica Renata