Light In The Darkness

Fog thick like powder
I feel it touch my face
Wondering around in circles
No shelter to embrace
Following the one star I see
The only light in the sky
Trying to make it to tomorrow
Trying to keep all hope alive
Running into nothingness
My only shelter is a tree
That drips the heavy fog
And lands all over me
Cold but not abandoned
For I still have that light
I must keep moving forward
Victory is within sight
Going in endless circles
Don’t know where I should be
Trying to get out of this hazy forest
But the wildlife is consuming me
It is very dark outside
Or is it that I can’t see? 
In order to make it out 
I have to find the light that radiates from me
For He is always with me
But I think he wants me to see
Be the light in your own darkness
And then you will finally be able to see