Life Isn’t a Game

Searching for my Kingdom Heart
That is my Final Fantasy
Standing at the top of Silent Hill
Waiting for my Mario…. or perhaps Luigi
Thoughts running through my head like Sonic
My mind is a Battlezone
So much emotion Uncharted
I’m walking in Raccoon City alone

Emotionally Left 4 Dead
I feel like this is The Last Of Us
I can’t be a Tomb Raider
I can’t make your corpse rise From Dust

Running with a Need For Speed
Running in the Heavy Rain
Inside I am experiencing Mortal Kombat
the devil in Kazuya resides in me

But alas I want a Halo
So I have to prepare my Gears of War
I can’t live a Half-Life
I have to learn to walk this LittleBigPlanet alone

Prepare yourself for the battles
But always do what is right

For life can’t be paused
And you don’t get anymore chances after this life
You have to stop thinking that life is full of games
You have to start living for you
And stop letting others dictate your life
Because in your life you aren’t meant to be player 2