Lies: Thinking Out Loud

It’s been a while since I wrote one of these…. It has been a while since I just let  my thoughts flow through words…Guess I was just trying to hold it all in and pretend that it doesn’t bother me, but the truth is…It does. It bothers me so much. It bothers me how some find it so easy to lie……


I have always been a blunt person. You know the type to tell the truth even though it hurts. Some may say that this is a negative quality of mines, but I wholeheartedly believe that telling the truth is far better than a lie. For what is the purpose of telling a lie? If I tell one single lie, I will have to ALWAYS remember it and perhaps even come up with other lies to support my BIG lie…And to me that is too much work. But obviously, others do not have this problem. They lie with eyes that show innocence and a mouth that speaks nothing but deceit. They lie and think that it is okay. They lie knowing damn well they hurt someone else but they want to protect themselves. They lie …because they are cowards.


Throughout the last couple of months, I have seen so many people’s lives devastated by lies. Hell, I was even had my world crumble in front of me because of one. And one thing I always noticed is that the liar accuses everyone else but his or her self. Oh dear liar, How could you have the courage to break someone down emotionally with your lies, yet lack the courage to admit to your own mistakes?


Truth is, it is very easy to spot lies. And more than likely, when someone asks you a question they already know the truth. The thing with lies is that moreso it isn’t the lie that hurts the other person. It is the unwillingness to own up to it. When someone lies to my face when I know the truth I feel as though my intelligence is insulted. I also feel that they do not respect me enough to tell the truth. …But perhaps I am overthinking this….


I just probably will never understand the mind of a liar. It’s like when they are caught red handed in a lie, they try to place the blame on you while you were doing nothing wrong.  They try to make themselves the victim, while you are in tears over their dishonesty.


You: “I can’t believe you cheated on me!”

Liar:  “Well you cheated on me”


A liar will shatter your trust, and then try to make you believe that you are the reason why you have “trust issues”. A liar will take their lie and try to justify it by saying “you did this too”. A liar will attempt to make you believe that you deserve to be lied to….but you don’t.


No one deserves that actually. They say the truth hurts….That may be true. But it is so much better than a lie. When we lie, we force others into a made up world. We hold their hand and lead them blindly into the unknown. We did not give them a choice….So basically, we are altering someone else’s life without their approval and that is wrong. When you tell the truth you give that person their CHOICE back. When you tell someone the truth you show them that you respect them. When you tell the truth you will not be bothered by a guilty conscience…. The truth may hurt but it only stings. A lie leaves a gaping wound that heals so slowly……A lie spooks a person… A lie makes a beautiful soul that was once so bubbly and free become a former shell of them. They become scared of others. They are scared to trust. They find it hard to differentiate truth from lies because you lied to them with eyes of innocence and lips that spoke nothing but deceit…..



It really bothers me how people can lie so easily…….But what can I do about it? I can’t stop others from doing what they want to do. But I can adjust my actions. I can tell the truth even though it may hurt. I can show others the respect that I want. And despite being lied to over and over again by different people, I can decide to not let it break my spirit. Forgive those who wrong you and move on.  Don’t let someone else’s mistakes burden your soul. Forgive them for their lies, not for them, but for yourself.

It’s been a while since I wrote one of these…. It has been a while since I just let  my thoughts flow through words…Guess I was just trying to hold it all in and pretend that it doesn’t bother me, but the truth is…It does. But it is time to just let that hurt and pain go……


To those who have been lied to, don’t let lies ruin your beautiful spirit. Still smile as beautifully has you did before. I remember for the longest I thought I could not smile again…but happiness only comes in your life when you allow it there. Forgive and move on…


To those who lie, think about what you are doing. If someone trusts you wholeheartedly that is very rare. When you lie to someone who trusts you, you are breaking another person and showing them that you do not respect them. You will have to forever keep up with your lie, and lies have a way of turning into a boulder that rolls down the snowy mountain gaining momentum and crushing all that is ahead.


They say the truth hurts…. And that may be true. But the truth just stings….while a lie can cause you to slowly die…….


Have a great day,

Monica Renata