Lessons of Past Yesterdays

Lessons of Past Yesterdays
By: Monica Renata

I have loved
I have laughed
I have befriended

I held love in the palm of my hand before
I had the ability to crush it but I decided to let it grow
Let it flourish and develop into something unimaginable
Something that would span decades and probably kiss eternity

I nurtured it
I valued it
I spoke highly of it to others

But…..I never told IT how I truly felt

I have lied
I have doubted myself
I have frowned

I hid the love that was in the palm of my hands
I was too embarrassed to let others and I see it
Instead I let the love grow immensely inside
Yet I did not voice a word of my true feelings

But…… I wish I would have

I have cried
I have thought
I have wished

But the truth is…
Sometimes no matter how much you want things to change they never will
Never regret any part of your life
Never be afraid to voice how you truly feel

Forgive freely
And love fiercely
Never neglect your heart
Never miss a chance to tell someone you love them

I have healed
I have learned
I am now better

But…At times I wish it wouldn’t have taken this long to learn the lessons of my yesterdays….

“Sometimes the best lessons in life are those which have hurt you deeply.” –Monica Renata