Kissed the Midnight Moon

Kissed the Midnight Moon
By: Monica Renata
I kissed the midnight moon
That seemed so far away
I felt it on my cherry lips
I could taste its sweet taste
I kissed the midnight moon
Yet it wasn’t as cold as I thought
It had warmth about it all
And soon I got lost in my thoughts
Floating high forever
Never coming back down
A love like no other
A love that lifts me high and never brings me down
I kissed the midnight moon
Something I loved but was always far away
I was able to finally get a glimpse of heaven
And find the light in my darkest of days
“Sometimes we don’t really understand how close we are to obtaining what we truly want. We admire from a distance and believe that the impossible cannot be reached, but actually it can be. The only way to guarantee that you will never be able to reach your utmost potential is to not try. “ –Monica Renata

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