Katy Kicker

Katy is a beautiful girl

Katy is great all around

The only problem with Katy is

She kicks others when they are down


For when life throws people lemons

Katy does not allow them to make lemonade

Instead she squirts juice in their eyes

And rubs it on their saddened face


Katy is admired by many

Katy is also hated by some

But her following is massive

And she is challenged by no one


But when Katy finally falls down

I wonder who will pick her up?

Will she get a kick right back down

Or will she receive some other luck?


Life is very funny

Sometimes strange to say the least

But when you don’t treat others how you want to be treated

Your quality of life may not increase


Katy is so many things

But Katy kicks others when they are down

Just proof that some of the most beautiful people

Can be the ones who make you frown