Just In Case 1

Just in Case
By: Monica Renata

Just in case your sky isn’t blue
And a tear is rolling down from your eye
I want you to know that I value you
And you are really a good guy

Just in case you think no one has your back
And in the world you are so alone
I want you to know you have a friend in me
And I will be here through disagreements whether I’m right or wrong

To know you is a blessing
A blessing which I don’t usually say
But I admire who you are as a person
You help me grow each day

And despite the times we speak sparsely
I hope you too agree
That we are great friends
And I’m happy we were able to meet

So Just in case you feeling down today
And you need a pick-me-up
I want you to know I value your friendship
And I couldn’t have asked God for better luck

To know you Is to love you
And I love you oh so well
Thanks for being a great friend
For I will forever be your great friend as well